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Custom Hung Nets

Lakefish Net & Twine Ltd. is Canada's most established provider of Freshwater Custom Hung Nets:

1. Custom Hung Gill nets from 1" to 15"
- Multifilament nylon (210 denier) nets
- All species including sturgeon as well as marine mammal

2. Custom Hung Gill nets from 1/2" to 11"
- Single strand monofilament nylon (.10mm to .62mm) nets

3. Custom Sampling / Index Nets
- Meet all Provincial Ministries of Natural Resources specified nets
- ie: Spin & Rin Gear

4. Custom Whale & Seal Nets for all Marine Mammal Biologists

5. Custom Trap & Seine Nets

6. Customized Heavy Duty Carrying Totes & Bags for all above Nets

Images: (Click for a larger Image):

Gill Net Photo 1   Gill Net Photo 2  

Image 1:
Custom Gill Net Photo 1

Image 2
Custom Gill Net Photo 2

Trap Net Diagram

Seine Net Diagram

Image 3
Trap Net Diagram

Image 4
Seine Net Diagram

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